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Sl. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Research papers ongoing projects
Dr. Vidhu Kumar K
Professor & HOD
M Phil (Clinical Epidemiology)
1. Indu PV, Remadevi S, Vidhukumar K, Shah Navas PM, Anil TV, Subha N.Domestic violence as a risk factor for attempted suicide in married women. JInterpers Violence. 2020;35(23–24):5753–71.
2. Amala KJ, Diya AP, Abhishek N, Vidhukumar K. Peer-reported prevalence ofsubstance and internet use among school going adolescents. Kerala JPsychiatry. 2018;31(2). 57-62
3. Sandhya C V, Vidhukumar K, Sreekumari RG. Protein Oxidation in Active andAbstinent Alcoholics in Comparison With Normal Controls.Journal of Medical Science And Clinical Research. 2016;2455-0450
4. Viswanathan MT, Sisupalan A, Karunakaran V. Pattern of adverse reactions ofantipsychotics in a tertiary care hospital. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol 2016;5(3):991-98
5. Ratnakaran B, Prabhakaran A, Karunakaran V. Prevalence of burnout and itscorrelates among residents in a tertiary medical center in Kerala, India: A cross-sectional study. J Postgrad Med. 2016 Aug 2;62(3):157–61.
6. Gopalan MR, Karunakaran V, Prabhakaran A, Jayakumar KL. Prevalence ofpsychiatric morbidity among cancer patients - hospital-based, cross-sectionalsurvey. Indian J Psychiatry. 2016;58(3):275–80
7. Vidhukumar K, Hamza M. Prevalence and correlates of burnout amongundergraduate medical students-A cross-sectional survey. Indian J Psychol Med.2020;122-27
8. Chacko D, Vidhukumar K. The prevalence of specific learning disorder amongschool-going children in Ernakulam District, Kerala, India: Ernakulamlearningdisorder (ELD) study. Indian J Psychol Med. 2020;42(3):250–5.
9. Indu N V, Vidhukumar K, Sarma PS. Determinants of compulsory admissions in astate psychiatric hospital–Case control study. Asian JPsychiatry2018; 35:141-5.
10. Vidhukumar K, Nazeer E, Anil P. Prevalence and pattern of alcohol use in Kerala-A district based survey. Int J RecentTrendsSciTechnol.2016;18(2):363-7.
11. Indu PV, Remadevi S, Vidhukumar K, Anilkumar TV, Subha N. Development andvalidation of the domestic violence questionnaire in married women aged 18-55years. Indian J Psychiatry. 2011;53(3):218-23

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