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“To be the pioneering hub of excellence in anaesthesiology, providing world-class patient care, education, and research, while contributing to the well-being of our community and beyond.”


“Our mission is to deliver exceptional anaesthesia services, fostering compassionate patient care and safety, innovative education and training, and cutting-edge research, driven by our commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. We strive to serve as a cornerstone of health in Kerala, India, and extend our knowledge and expertise to benefit global healthcare. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards while embracing cultural diversity and inclusivity.”

About Us

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Govt TD Medical College Alappuzha is a dynamic and dedicated unit, committed to delivering comprehensive peri-operative care, intensive care, and pain and palliative care services. With a rich history of excellence, our department is a vital component of the healthcare ecosystem in Kerala.
We provide anaesthesia services for around 25 to 30 major surgeries daily, covering a wide range of procedures, including renal transplantations, cardiothoracic surgeries, oncosurgeries, neurosurgeries, and pediatric surgeries. Our expertise extends to perioperative care across various surgical specialties, ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients.
In addition to our surgical and critical care roles, our anaesthesiologists also extend their services to out-of-operating room procedures in settings like the cath lab, ICU, and ECT suite. This expansion of our scope allows us to address a diverse array of medical needs, making us an invaluable resource in critical and emergency situations.
Furthermore, we prioritize the importance of thorough patient evaluation. Our pre-anaesthetic clinic is at the forefront of this mission, evaluating nearly 60 patients daily. This process ensures that each patient receives personalized and meticulous care tailored to their unique medical conditions and needs.
Beyond our clinical duties, we host weekly pain clinics and make home visits, prioritizing pain management and palliative care.

Academic Activities

Postgraduate Training: Annually, we admit four postgraduate students and offer them comprehensive training in diverse aspects of anaesthesia, ensuring their well-rounded development.
Undergraduate Education: Our department hosts two-week rotations for undergraduate students, providing essential training in basic life support and airway management, equipping them with vital skills.
State-of-the-Art Skill Lab: We efficiently leverage the college’s state-of-the-art skill lab, providing hands-on training for both undergraduates and postgraduates, fostering practical experience and competence.
Faculty Development: Our faculty members have undergone training in basic biomedical research and ATELC, enhancing their expertise.
Continuing Medical Education (CME): In April 2023, we organized a one-day CME on Mechanical Ventilation, in which our faculty members delivering presentations on various topics, thereby facilitating the dissemination of knowledge.
BLS/ACLS Training: In September 2023, we orchestrated an AHA accredited BLS/ACLS provider course, benefiting both faculty and junior residents, enhancing their life support skills.
Academic Contributions: Routinely, our faculty members and junior residents partake in national, state, and district-level CMEs, where they present posters, case studies, and research papers, thereby making substantial contributions to the academic community.
Academic Engagement: The department actively conducts journal clubs, case discussions, seminars, and workshops, creating a nurturing environment for intellectual growth and collaborative learning.
Life Support Certification: Remarkably, 100% of our postgraduate students and faculty members have completed AHA-accredited certificate courses and workshops on Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
Patient Safety Initiatives: We are actively implementing Laqshya for OBG maternal and baby safety, underscoring our dedication to patient well-being and the promotion of safety measures.

Patient Safety Week: In line with NMC recommendations, we celebrated Patient Safety Week from September 17th to 25th, 2023. During this period, we conducted a mock drill on CODE BLUE activation, meticulously recording the exercise through video and photographs, thereby emphasizing the paramount importance of patient safety.

Our Facilities

Our department is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to ensure the highest standard of care. This includes advanced anaesthesia machines, invasive monitoring devices, high-resolution ultrasound machines, video laryngoscopes, and a comprehensive range of fibre-optic and video bronchoscopes. These technologies enable us to tailor anaesthesia for each patient, closely monitor vital signs, perform precise procedures with ultrasound guidance, enhance airway management, and address complex airway and respiratory challenges. We are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and innovative anaesthesia care to our patients, reflecting our commitment to excellence and modern medical practices.
Sl No.
Dr. Veena N
Professor & HOD
Dr. Nanna R Chandran
Cap Associate Professor
Dr. Deepa George
Cap Professor
Dr. Biby Mary Kuriakose
Cap Professor
Dr. Vimal Pradeep
Cap Associate Professor
Dr. Neena Thomas
Cap Associate Professor
Dr. Sanjith Thomas
Assistant Professor
Dr. Varun S
Assistant Professor
Dr. Mathew Mammen
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bhagyasree Gopinath
Assistant Professor
Dr. Aswathy L R
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jobi Sugathan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Lawrence Aloysius
Assistant Professor
Dr. Adlene Rodrigues
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jijo Jose
Assistant Professor
Dr. Joyce Parambil
Senior Resident
Dr. Aswathy M S
Senior Resident
Dr. Harikrishna Y
Senior Resident
Dr. Aravind P
Senior Resident
Dr. Namitha Arun
Junior Resident
Dr. Keerthana
Junior Resident
Dr. Rinku Joseph
Junior Resident
Dr. Neethu Zacharia
Junior Resident
Dr. Chawngrolina
Junior Resident
Dr. Megha Murali
Junior Resident
Dr. Arsha G Nair
Junior Resident
Dr. Devika Suresh
Junior Resident
Dr. Anamika S
Junior Resident
Dr. Anurag C S
Junior Resident
Dr. G C Aswini
Junior Resident
Dr. Aparna D
Junior Resident
Dr. Amrutha Merin Raju
Junior Resident
Mrs. Tissy P G
Anaesthesia Technician
Mrs. Sajna
Theatre Mechanic
Mr. Sujith Kumar
Theatre Technician
Mrs. Aswathy T
Theatre Technician

Courses Offered

Department of Anaesthesiology Committee Members

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