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LRC & Central Library Committee

Dr. N. Sreedevi

Vice Principal and Professor
Incharge LRC and Central Library

Dr. Sajey. P.S

Nodal Officer
Assi. Prof. Anatomy

Sri. Jithesh. P. Sayak

System Administrator

Sri. Vijayan. V


LRC & Central Library Committee

The LRC committee monitors the overall activity and functioning of LRC and Central Library consists of:

LRC Staff

Functioning of LRC

Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on Saturday 10.00 am TO 5.00 pm

Learning Resource Centre (Electronic Library)

Sponsored By AKMG, North America

The Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) is a non profit organization of physicians and dentists of Kerala (India) origin practicing in Canada and the United States of America. AKMG aims to maintain and preserve the identity and heritage of its members and to provide them a forum for scientific, educational, cultural and social interaction. AKMG Association of Kerala Medical Graduates is a Professional, Social and Cultural organization of medical and dental graduates of Kerala origin residing in the USA and Canada.

Dr. K. C. Joseph’s hard work has triumphed. Alappuzha LRC was inaugurated on March 10th, 2007. Dr. K. C. Joseph deposited 65 checks worth $35,801.00 on July 16, 2006 raised him by for this purpose. Since there are only a few Alappuzha alumni in USA, fund raising has been very difficult.
The Learning Resource Centre, established by the AKMG T.D.Medical College, Alappuzha Alumni, is a token of love, respect and admiration to their alma mater. It is a manifestation of their efforts to make timely information available to the doctors, Post Graduates and undergraduates on the latest medical and surgical techniques and technologies.

LRC functions as a dedicated facility attached to the Medical College Library. 200 Kbps leased line connectivity facilitates high speed Internet at the centre. The Centre has a Linux Server, CD Jukebox software of ER&DC, along with a cluster of 13 PC workstations and peripherals including Scanner, Printer, Photocopier etc. The Centre is also provided with a host of web-based resources such as Med-Search, Textbooks and access to all leading medical journals and also MD Consult, Science Direct, Proquest, Medline and
The centre has a conference room for discussions and meetings equipped with LCD projector and networking support. The facility is fully air-conditioned with uninterrupted electric supply and back-up generator capable of supporting all the functions.

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